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Venus Bridals…the very name evokes images of timeless beauty…the feeling of romance….the essence of glamour…all these things you’ll find in a Venus Bridal gown. At Venus, we’ve created a vast array of styles, gathered into wonderfully diverse collections, each collection distinct from the others, so that the Bride may choose a gown which expresses her own individual beauty and unique personal charm.—her “dream dress”!

Someone is buying a Venus gown this very moment somewhere around the world. The demand for Venus gowns is global, universal, far-reaching—and we bring them all to you, right here on this website. So welcome to the world of Venus . Just click onto the Venus Collections, and enjoy!

Venus Collection

Regal, Elegant, Romantic and Timeless

Pallas Athena

Sleek, sophisticated, glamourous and sexy
Ideal for destination weddings

Angel and Tradition

Young, fresh and sweet…budget friendly

Venus Modest

Modest, classic, and stylish

Venus Woman

Classic, full figured and curvy

Venus Informal

Fun, flirty, intimate and spontaneous

Venus Bridesmaids

Colored dresses for bridesmaids

Venus Modest Maids

Modest bridesmaids

Temple Prom

Modest Prom dresses

Venus Bridal Occasions

Mother of the Bride

Little Maiden

Flower Girls